21 October 2019

Environmental Policy Statement

Student Coaching aims to protect and enhance the environment and make a contribution towards the delivery of sustainable development through the integrated management of air, land and water.
We will conduct our own activities and operations to reflect best environmental practice and implement an environmental management system to pursue sustainability and continual improvement. We will therefore:
  • Raise awareness of the environment amongst those who work with the company, such as, car sharing, recycling and using green products.
  • Influence our suppliers and contractors to ensure that goods and services support our environmental policy and in turn, encourage our suppliers and contractors to improve their own environmental performance.
  • Integrate environmental management into training programmes where appropriate.
  • Reduce energy and resource consumption by promoting effective and efficient reduction methods consistent with best practice.
  • Ensure good management practices by reviewing them regularly, to verify their effectiveness in achieving environmental objectives.

Acceptable Use Policy

For Learners
For Teachers and Parents

For Learners

“Service Users” refers to all registered users of studentcoaching.co.uk. Includes students, teachers, staff other than teachers and parents.

  1. Access only those services you have been given permission to use
  2. Do not disclose your login username or password to anyone
  3. Do not use a login username or password other than your own
  4. Do not give personal details of any other person to anyone on the studentcoaching.co.uk
  5. Do not download, use or upload any material from the Internet, unless you have the owner’s permission
  6. Do not download, store, distribute or upload any material that is likely to be unsuitable for children or schools. If you are unsure contact studentcoaching.co.uk
  7. Always respect the privacy of files of other Service Users
  8. Avoid any acts of Internet vandalism, eg uploading or creating computer viruses and mischievously deleting or altering data from its place of storage
  9. Be polite and tolerant. The use of strong language or aggressive behaviour is not permitted
  10. Use the discussion Forum for exchanging information and constructive debate

Failure to comply with these rules will result in:

  • Restricted use of studentcoaching.co.uk
  • A suspension, temporary or permanent from your use of studentcoaching.co.uk
  • A letter informing your school, college or other educational organisation of the nature and breach of the rules
  • Sanctions applied by the school, including the Headteacher, Principal and Governors

For Teachers and Parents

“Service Users” refers to all registered users of studentcoaching.co.uk. Includes students, teachers, staff other than teachers and parents

  1. Do not disclose your studentcoaching.co.uk login username or password to anyone, other than the people responsible for running and maintaining the system
  2. Do not give your personal details or the personal details of any other person to anyone, except studentcoaching.co.uk team
  3. Do not download, use or upload from the Internet which is copyright of others
  4. Do not download, store, distribute or upload any material that is likely to be unsuitable for children or schools. If you are unsure, or come across any offensive materials, contact  www.studentcoaching.co.uk
  5. Always respect the privacy of other Service Users
  6. Avoid any acts of Internet vandalism, eg uploading or creating computer viruses and mischievously deleting or altering data from its place of storage
  7. Be polite and tolerant. The use of strong language or aggressive behaviour is not permitted
  8. Report any incidents that breach the Acceptable Use Policy immediately to www.studentcoaching.co.uk

Failure to comply with these rules will result in:

  • Restricted use of studentcoaching.co.uk
  • A suspension, temporary or permanent from your use of studentcoaching.co.uk
  • A letter informing your school of the nature and breach of the rules
  • Any other sanctions decided by the Headteacher, Principal and Governors of your organisation



Recruitment Policy

1. Safeguarding Young People through Recruitment
  • The successful candidates for jobs with Student Coaching Ltd., working with children will be subject to a    Disclosure check through the confidential process administered by the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • A conviction will not exclude candidates for jobs with Student Coaching Ltd., but the conviction will be considered as part of the recruitment process.
  • Student Coaching Ltd is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment.

2. Commitment to equality of opportunity

Student Coaching has a strong commitment to equality of opportunity for all personnel either applying for jobs or involved with the company;

To strengthen our multi-cultural, anti-racist and Equal Opportunity perspective we have three major aims:

  • to be aware of and to counter racism and discriminatory practices;
  • to be aware of and to provide for the particular needs of students with regard to their ethnic, cultural, historical, linguistic and religious backgrounds;
  • to contribute to the preparation all students for life in our multi-cultural society and build on strengths of cultural diversity.

Health and Safety Policy

 The Company’s statement of intent

Student Coaching:

  • accepts its responsibility in respect of the health, safety and welfare of the students, staff, parents and others with whom we may come into contact
  • aims to provide and maintain teaching and learning environments that are safe, without risk to health, or welfare and that will remain inclusive.
  • expects everyone involved with Student Coaching to assist in achieving the aims and objectives identified.

Means of Organising

The delegated responsibilities are identified in the organisational chart above.

The Health and Safety Advisor will have links to two directors: Managing Director and FD/Company Secretary. Health and  Safety issues will focus upon two strategic areas:
  1. Delivery of training to students, staff and parents
  2. Provision of online teaching and learning facilities through the student web
The Safety Advisor will be responsible for implanting company policies related to Child Protection, Acceptable Use and Technical safety.
Arrangements for Satisfying the Policy
The health, safety and welfare issues related to the performance of Student Coaching and the Student web will involve the following strategic areas:
1. Training of staff, students and parents will involve:
  • minimising the physical risks of accidents taking place within the confines of learning area location;
  • ensuring that staff who work directly with young people have been security checked through the CRB before they commence work;
  • implementing and maintaining the company’s child protection policy
2. Online teaching and learning will involve:
  • implementing and maintaining the company’s child protection policy
  • maintaining the company’s recruitment policy
  • implementing and maintaining security as it relates to all matters of Internet use
  • implementing an acceptable use policy
Many health and safety issues will have to be undertaken in partnership with the schools, colleges and work based providers with whom the company works. Indeed, some issues will exclusively be the responsibility of the school in which training is taking place. However, it will be necessary for Student Coaching to be aware of the risks that may occur and implement remedies in collaboration with the relevant organisation.
In addition there may be a need to impose sanctions for identified undesirable and harmful activity. The sanctions will be imposed by Student Coaching and the organisation where incidents have been occurred.
Finally, appropriate training will be undertaken as a priority for any member of Student Coaching to ensure that company fulfils it responsibilities for health and safety
Arrangements for Monitoring and Evaluating Policy
A review of the health and safety policy for Student Coaching will take place annually and will be undertaken by the Health and Safety Advisor, the FD/Company Secretary and the Managing Director.
Appropriate records will be securely maintained by the Administration Department.
A report will be submitted to the board of directors annually following the review.

Organisational Chart


Equality of Opportunity Principles

Student Coaching aims to help individuals and groups gain self esteem, become independent learners and develop skills for interdependent learning. In fulfilling these aims all learners should be better equipped and motivated to unlock their potential.
No individual or group are excluded on the grounds of race, religion, class or gender from taking part in any specific projects that student Coaching operates. Indeed, the company’s aim is to include as many diverse groups as possible.

Student Coaching implements all of its projects with the following principles in mind:

1.    Accessibility

Accessibility to projects operated by Student Coaching should be easy for designated participants to pursue. Cost should not be a deterrent from participation, especially for young people. Wherever possible all Student Coaching programmes should be sensitive to the needs of the targeted groups, or individuals.

 2.     Valuing Cultural Diversity

Student Coaching activities and projects will be open to individuals and groups from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

 3.     Promoting Participation

Student Coaching projects and activities will promote participation from all groups who can benefit from the ‘Learning Journey’. Student Coaching staff will work closely with institutions to identify those who will benefit most from specific programmes. The focus for many projects will be placed on developing, and sustaining untapped learning potential of all participants and promoting their personal development.

 4.     Promoting Inclusive Communities

Student Coaching aims to open the way to improvement for any individuals or groups who are positively motivated to embrace the Learning Journey.

 5.     Reduce disadvantage

If achievement is a product of involvement and enjoyment, then it follows that Student Coaching will utilise the power of education to yield results that will enable people to raise their self esteem, improve their learning skills and be able to work effectively with others. These outcomes will reduce disadvantage and raise achievement.

Child Protection Policy

Student Coaching fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection. Our policy applies to all staff and partners working in and with schools. There are four main elements to our policy:
  1. Ensuring we practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff who work with children. All SC teachers, coaches and tutors are subject to CRB approval
  2. Raising awareness of child protection issues and providing children with skills needed to keep them safe
  3. Developing and then implementing procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse.
  4. Establishing a safe environment in which children can learn and develop
Student Coaching staff will record and monitor communications from learners who report instances of abuse. This is necessary because of the online nature of the learning material provided through the studentweb.co.uk Student Coaching will therefore:
  • establish and maintain an online environment, within thestudentweb.co.uk, where learners feel secure, are encouraged to communicate and are responded to; and
  • ensure children know that there are personnel, working with Student Coaching, whom they can approach if they are concerned
We shall follow the procedures and guidance issued by the DFCS to:
  • ensure there is a designated Key Contact based in each school
  • ensure that all Student Coaching procedures meet the expectations of the individual LA’s lead officer for child protection. Their advice will be sought if Student Coaching staff are unsure how to proceed in a potential child protection situation, including any allegations against a Student Coaching member;
  • ensure that every Coach is able to contact the designated Key Contact in school and understands their role;
  • ensure that all Student Coaching (SC) staff understand their responsibilities in being alert to the signs of abuse and responsibility for referring any concerns to the designated Key Contact
  • co-operate with relevant agencies as required with their enquiries regarding child protection matters
  • keep written records of concerns about children, even where there is no need to refer the matter immediately:
SC staff will ensure all online messages from learners are logged and records kept securely.

SC staff will monitor all online forums and discussions that take place  

SC staff will make it clear to students the confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in respect of child protection issues

  • develop and then follow procedures where an allegation is made against a SC staff member;
  • ensure Student Coaching safe recruitment practices are followed
Student Coaching will endeavour to support the learner through:
  • the content of the online material within thestudentweb.co.uk
  • the Student Coaching ethos, which promises a positive, supportive and secure learning environment, in which learners are encouraged to use their talents to the best of their ability and raise their self confidence
  • the Student Coaching Acceptable Use Policy, which is aimed at setting ground rules of acceptable online behaviour (ie netiquette);
  • liaison with other agencies that support the learner, such as education welfare services, educational psychology services, children and adult mental health services and social services.

System Security

  • The Student Coaching site is password protected for any areas related to child safety
  • The database of information is protected
User Access
  • Initial access is through a unique user name and password
  • Learners will be identified by their preferred names or ‘nicknames’ when active on thestudentweb.co.uk
  • Subsequent logins will be via the learner’s username and chosen password.
  • All changes to preferred names and password information will be tracked and logged.
  • Forgotten passwords can be retrieved through a helpline where checking information will be used.
  • Learners are encouraged to accept ownership and guardianship of thestudentweb.co.uk. They are also aware that teachers and Student Coaching staff have access to the learning environment, particularly through discussion areas like Forum and Study Doctor.
Access to inappropriate materials
  • Filters will operate to screen-out inappropriate materials.
  • A ‘WebWatch’ button is accessible from every page of thestudentweb.co.uk. for learners to use whenever they encounter any inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive material. This will alert the Coaching Team, who will check the reported material and remove if necessary.

Sanctions against breaches of the Acceptable Use Policy

Sanctions to be scaled appropriately and to follow the pattern of escalation shown here:

  1. Warnings given to learner. Learner has right to reply to explain their actions.
  2. Learner’s outward communication restricted for a set period of time, depending on the seriousness of the breach
  3. Learner’s access to customisation of their pages on thestudentweb.co.uk limited, or prevented entirely (time sanction depending on seriousness of the breach)
  4. Learner’s access to thestudentweb.co.uk suspended – set period of time
  5. Learner’s access to thestudentweb.co.uk suspended indefinitely
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