21 October 2019

The Learning Journey

Student Coaching believe that we all embark in life on a 'Learning journey'. We all make this journey at different speeds and along different paths.

We all start the journey as 'dependent learners' relying on others for our learning. To become successful in life we need to move on from being a 'dependent' learner. This process can only happen if we have the self esteem and the confidence in ourselves to 'risk' learning new skills. If we have this self 'identity' we can then learn and acquire the skills of being an 'independent' learner. Finally we realise that it is possible to learn more with and from others and become 'inter-dependent' learners.




Who am I

Where do I Fit in?

Where Am I Going?


Resources exploring personal identity.

Issues of personal wellbeing confidence, self esteem, personal values & beliefs encourage learners to understand more about themselves and why they might behave the way they do. Opportunities exist here to encourage greater self reflection than a school curriculum might otherwise allow.


Resources exploring a sense of community cohesion.

Learners are encouraged to identify the groups and communities where they feel they belong – whether than is in school or beyond. Resources challenge such perceptions. The role of communities and the citizens with them is explored here also.


Resources exploring ways to raise aspirations

Explicitly dealing with issues of IAG and Careers Education & Aim Higher, learners gain opportunities to consider which pathways will help them achieve their goals and which strategies will facilitate that process. By knowing who you are, where you fit in, pathways can be made clearer.





 Survival Skills


Meeting Challenges


Resources exploring necessary skills to equip you for life.

Opportunities offered here include dealing with financial capability and economic wellbeing. This theme also includes healthy lifestyles (useful to achieve Healthy Schools Award) & personal, internet and work-place risk management.


Resources exploring study skills and ‘learning to learn’.

Learners gain a wide range of methodologies and understanding of how to think and learn in this theme. Only be understanding the thinking process can students grasp how to learn, recall, think and understand how the brain affects us


Resources exploring how to extend your own opportunities.

SEAL (Motivation) and Enterprise Education & Work Related Learning are explored here, all within a context of considering how you need to develop to achieve beyond your current expectations.






Taking Stock

 World View


Resources exploring relationships

Opportunities to examine how we work and live with others – using SEAL components of self awareness, empathy and social skills. This theme also explores relationships through the sex education agenda. It also encourages understanding in team learning.


Resources exploring ways to review achievement.

Through regular reflection points in the year learners can review attainment and how their learning affects their achievements (within and beyond the curriculum) by using TRICS 


Resources exploring ways to understand citizenship

Opportunities to appreciate how education prepares you for the wider world and to equip you to be a good citizen, which includes assessment of such experiences. Issues like global sustainability are provided here 


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