21 October 2019

Our Aims

We use innovative approaches to raise the achievement of all learners:

  • Empowering students to improve their levels of achievement and their future learning potential
  • Raising personal, social and economic well being 
  • Facilitating parental involvement in the learning process

Our Beliefs

  • Coaching should drive the learning
  • New technology should be used to foster more effective teaching, learning and personal improvement
  • Learning should be fun
  • Learning should be a shared experience involving; the student, teacher/coach and parent

Our Values

  • Interaction – it’s good to get people involved in the learning process; teachers, students and parents
  • Passion – be passionate about the concept of developing life skills and raising achievement
  • Balance – maintain a balance between life skills and qualifications
  • Challenging – make the work challenging enough to be memorable
  • Practical – encourage as many practical learning activities as is possible
  • Fun – the most memorable learning is often the most enjoyable
  • Holistic – involve all key partners in the learning journey: students, teachers and parents
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