21 October 2019

Associate Consultants who are invited to join our network can choose the type and level of engagement that suits their requirements.

Involvement as an Associate may be through one or more of the following methods:

  1. ‘In addition to’ – promoting Student Coaching whilst undertaking your normal work activities.
  2. ‘Commissions’ – responding to specific targets for contacts and sales from Student Coaching.
  3. ‘Contacts’ – providing Student Coaching with new contacts and leads.
  4. ‘Support’ – offering support to schools and colleges to implement Student Coaching learning solutions.
  5. ‘Events’ – attending relevant events on behalf of Student Coaching e.g. meetings, conferences, exhibitions, training.
  6. ‘Resources’ – collaborating with Student Coaching to develop materials.
  7. ‘Area Networking’ – organising and hosting your own Associates group.

In return Student Coaching will offer Associates:

  • ‘In addition to’ - 20% of sales value
  • ‘Commissions’ - £150 per day (plus expenses: travel and subsistence)
  • ‘Contacts’ - £50 per verified lead
  • ‘Support’ - £150 per day (plus expenses: travel and subsistence)
  • ‘Events’ - £100 per day (plus expenses: travel and subsistence)
  • ‘Resources’ - £150 per day
  • ‘Area Networking’ - £50 per new associate

Associate consultants will also benefit from:

  • A listing of the associate consultant’s contact details and areas of specialism on the Student Coaching website.
  • Regular training on how to maximise the impact and promotion of Student Coaching ‘Learning Solutions’.

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