21 October 2019


Prezi Learning Seminars

Prezi is a  dynamic and highly interactive, cloud-based presentation and storytelling tool. It enables collaboration (teacher to teacher, teacher to learner and learner to learner) within your own organisation and, being cloud-based, with other teachers around the globe. Its power lies in its ability to provide linear and non-linear learning, ideal for all learning styles. It is also high intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to program.

Simply, it aims to “make sharing ideas more interesting” according to its Hungarian architect inventor.

Prezi can be an effective tool for school improvement. It targets ways to improve independent and enquiry-based learning,  plus provides teachers with ideas and materials from which they can improve the quality of their teaching.

The National College of School Leadership have recently commented on the importance of schools, and their staff, engaging in greater collaboration. Sharing ideas, resources with other innovative teachers enhances this kind of collaboration and leads to improved Quality of Teaching. Collaborating with other schools, in cloud-based software, avoids the need for cover, days out of school but achieves the same goals.

Our three stage training programme enables a range of methodologies that transforms the teaching and learning in your organisation. Here’s how.

  Prezi Training

The Stage 1 seminar is a whole staff training event which takes people through the factors that make Prezi exciting to use: embedding of video from You Tube, music, animation and images into a presentation device which captures the attention and imagination of learners. How it avoids ‘death by PowerPoint’ and can inspire learning, launch projects, facilitate revision, and introduce a topic or a body of knowledge. The main objective here is to allow staff to engage with Prezi to a level that makes them comfortable.

After an introduction into the mechanics of Prezi, training includes opportunities for staff to explore two Prezis, as learners, in an enjoyable activity which illustrates how Prezi can be used and suggests options they may want to follow up in their own time.


  • Gain a basic understand of what Prezi does and how it works
  • Exploration of Prezi resources with opportunities to discuss with colleagues how the principles might be used in their subject area
  • Practical, hands-on, experience of using Prezi (ICT equipment and internet needed)
  • Confidence in the basic use of Prezi
  • The seminar takes around two hours to deliver but timings are flexible

Cost = £700 (includes two trainers / facilitators)


The Stage 2 seminar investigates ways to use Prezi as a tool for a group (16 - 20) of innovative teachers to encourage students to explore their learning. This may be done as a whole group, using an interactive whiteboard, where the teacher encourages responses and decisions from the group. Prezi has a ‘canvas’ and learners can be encouraged to explore the resources scattered on that canvas. The teacher provides a structure to this exploration, which facilitates discussion, debate, note-taking and reflection.

Provided, as part of this training, are a number of ‘classroom management icons’ which support this type of facilitation 


  • Introduction to the classroom management icons, discussion on their effective usage
  • Models of this advanced structure are provided to examine and discuss
  • Workshop activities (requiring access to the internet and IT facilities) to explore the pedagogy of enquiry-based learning and apply it to Prezi
  • Confidence in the more sophisticated use of Prezi and in its varied uses as a learning tool
  • Introduction to a virtual network of Prezi users who collaborate on enquiry-based Prezis
  • The duration of this seminar is around 2 hours but timings are flexible

Cost = £700 (includes two trainers / facilitators)


Aimed at a smaller group (10 -12) of highly innovative staff, the stage 3 seminar demonstrates how Prezi is the ideal tool to generate independent learning in students, where the teacher becomes the facilitator. Some experts have called the approach to software as a facilitation device “flipping the classroom”, because the teacher does not stand at the front but gives learners a series of choices. Prezi provides the structure to enable exploration which is entirely driven by students.

This method relies on a transferable skills approach called 'TRICS+'.  Learners use the competences within the 6 skills (Team, Reflective, Independent, Creative, Literate and Numerate Learning) to explore and produce the necessary responses required by the teacher.


  • Introduction to the concept with models for staff to explore themselves
  • Discussion about the pedagogy involved in Prezi-based planning
    • How ‘project-based’ learning can be developed which places the onus on learners
    • How progress can be built in to the tasks generated by the Prezi
    • How assessment practice can identify progress against TRICS+ skills (as well as attainment levels if that is required)
    • How Team Learning can be enhanced within this model, allocating roles and responsibilities within a team as well as encourage leadership and peer mentoring
  • Development of a pilot project by staff – which could include a project which operates on a cross curricular basis
  • Development of collaborative projects with other schools who are also engaged in the Prezi Learning Seminar programme
  • The seminar takes around 3 - 4 hours to deliver but timings are flexible.

Cost £1000 (includes two trainers / facilitators)


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