21 October 2019

"The Discovery Day package is a fantastic resource! we recently held a whole school enrichment day and used the Enterprise Discovery Day, it was brilliant - both staff and students from all years really enjoyed the day. The resources are excellent and assist with the overall planning of the day." Senior Leader, Walsall School

"Staff and students have been already been asking when the next one is! I've told them give me a break to get over this one and then we'll get set for the next one. As you can imagine the military precision and planning and set up that went into the day!"  Director of Learning, Frank F Harrison

"It was absolutely fantastic!!! staff were really apprehensive before and with signs of mutiny! But at the end of the day they were so positive, behaviour was much better across the school and virtually no students out of lessons. The work going on in rooms was fantastic."  Director of Learning, Frank F Harrison

"The in-set was great and very re-assuring. I must admit that was a bit apprehensive, but the presentations were inspirational and I am looking forward to using the material with my brand-new year 7 group." Teacher, Berkshire School.

Discovery Days Library

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