21 October 2019

Learning at Home Pricing

Our group subscriptions are designed for Learning organisations.

Take a look at the price list below, then simply request an invoice and let us know how many parents you want to purchase subscriptions for.

We'll then supply you with that number of unique coupon codes. This coupon code can then be provided to parents allowing them access to 'Learning at Home' for a year.

We'll also let you have a letter to parents, that you can adapt, informing parents of what they need to do.

Coupon codes can also be distributed to teaching staff, allowing them to take advantage of the 'tools' provided.

Click the following button, enter how many coupon codes you require on the page and we'll send you an invoice.


Request Invoice

Coupon Quantity Unit Cost Annual Subscription
100 £8.00 £800.00
250 £7.00 £1750.00
500 £6.00 £3000.00
750 £5.00 £3750.00
1000 £4.00 £4000.00
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