21 October 2019

Learning at Home

Current research confirms that the more parents are involved in the learning of their children, the better their academic achievement. 

The ‘Learning at Home’ area provides access to a number of ‘tools’, that allows parents more involvement with their child’s education, plus supports the work learners are doing everyday in the classroom.

Any Learning organisation can purchase 'subscriptions' to 'Learning at Home' for the parents of their learners, with prices varying depending on the number of subscriptions purchased. View the price list here.

The most powerful of our tools are the 'coaching sessions'. These sessions are simple to use and are perfect for learners to work together with parents or on their own. There are sessions that focus on topics such as: preparing for exams, study and revision skills, settling into school, determination plus many more. New sessions are released regularly and all subscribers receive these for FREE.

Take a look at the coaching session on this page - it gives a good idea of how they work. If you want to view more sessions plus explore the other 'tools' then click on 'FREE TRIAL', and register.

Individuals and families can also subscribe to 'Learning at Home' for only £9.99 per year, just sign up below.

"We were glued to the sessions for hours, I had no idea where the evening went! " Mother of two, London


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Top Tips

Top Tips

We've taken all our years of experience in teaching and learning and created a library of 'Top Tips' sheets. You can download any of these sheets and use all that know-how for FREE!


Help Desk

Help Desk

Do you need some quick learning advice? You can email us with a question about any aspect of learning. We've worked with thousands of students and teachers, but if we don't know the answer we can find someone who does.


Links & Ratings

Links & Ratings

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