21 October 2019



Testimonial in respect of L4L at Caistor Yarborough School: 16/09/10

Learning 4 Life was begun at CYS during June 2008 as the school moved from horizontal to vertical tutor groups. Since then it has occupied a place in Tutor Time (20 minutes) each Tuesday and Thursday. The impact on the quality of engagement during tutor has been significant. The evidence of students interacting and engaging in discussion across year groups has been dramatic. One form’s L4L Programme was delivered exclusively by a student who was a LAC and the tutor played a role as student in that form group. Displays in main corridors and all classrooms reflect TRICS and what each TRIC means.

In respect of integrating the TRICS which underpin the tutoring aspect of L4L, into the Curriculum, the school has a common Performance Management Objective for all staff who teach or support students which is designed to ensure work with and through TRICS is evidenced in all lessons.

The school reports on progress in TRICS to parents in its Annual Reports using a ladder of progress with “Beginning to show evidence of” … up to, “ Mastered”.

Staff have received training sessions on how TRICs can be integrated into lessons and SoW are being developed to reflect that emphasis.

A key feature of the School Improvement Plan is to encourage independent learning to take us to the next level of performance. This is being encouraged by embarking this year on a Homework Passport for Y7 – 9 students which is a thematic based open ended homework project with a broad title which will be assessed on the evidence of the TRICs engaged with through the learning journey. The assessment will be by self, peers (of all ages) and tutors. TRICS, in this sense, will be working beyond curriculum by subject provision and bridges the gap between pastoral and curriculum teams. We feel this is a strong step along the road of emphasising the teaching of skills rather than subjects.

We have achieved “Creative Partnership Change School” status through the work undertaken in History and Creative Arts which has led to a recreation of a WW1 Trench being built in the school grounds and students creating a module of study to utilise this resource, even interviewing professional actors to play the roles of WW1 figures in the scheme. This work was completely enmeshed within the TRICS framework.

We have established a clear CPD strategy based on Teacher Learning Communities which have Formative Assessment as their basis and underpinning that is the central position of TRICs within that.

Our teaching in 2007 Ofsted was described as “Good” but at times lacked variety and pace. We feel that TRICs is re energising our work, is showing students what it means to be creative and reflective as well as working as part of a team and most of all making progress independently. In terms of impact it would be true to say that we are pleased with our upward trend and year on year improvement, last year placing us in the top 13% of schools nationally.

Paul Downie
Deputy Headteacher Curriculum and Achievement



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