21 October 2019

Website: www.colmers.bham.sch.uk

Sector: A 11-16, mixed, comprehensive school with foundation status

Client profile

Colmers is proud of being a comprehensive school that serves the local community. It is continually striving to improve the opportunities that it offers to students and believes that every student should fulfil their potential and achieve to their highest academic and social level.  The key to this level of success lies in the high quality of teaching and learning that takes place and the positive relationships that exist between student and staff.  It is a progressive and happy school where students are secure; encouraged to succeed; able to develop their self confidence; aware of their relationships with others and their responsibilities to the local community.                                                                                                                                           

“Colmers School is outstanding and fulfils its aim to continually improve on its previous best." Ofsted, 2007

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Ofsted Comments, 1st October 2008

"The school offer many opportunities for students to follow their wishes and interests both within the curriculum and enrichment programmes.

Well structured and integrated leadership and learning programmes support students in developing their self-esteem, confidence and strategies for learning.These programmes impact positively on students' educational achievement and personal development.
As a result students' confidence to voice their views and opinions grows during their time at the school; they develop leadership skills and take responsibility for their own actions, their school and the wider community. They are involved routinely in the planning and evaluation of initiatives and activities within and beyond the school."Ofsted, 1st October 2008


Teacher comments


The challenge


The solution


The benefits

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