21 October 2019



To whom it may concern

Although we have only recently introduced Learning for Life, we rigorously explored all aspects of the programme to identify its suitability for our school. Having passed those tests we committed to ensuring its success by a range of measures:

  • Student Coaching introduced Learning for Life to all our staff and inspired them to see the otential it had to transform the ethos of our learners
  • We used our Teaching & Learning Committee and pastoral middle leaders to become the 'champions’ of the programme. These people innovate and sustain the programme.
  • We ‘launched’ the programme with staff, with the help of Student Coaching, on a training day this June in which our ‘champions’ were given tee-shirts identifying them as L4L Champions (“Ask me for help!”) and with a video produced by one of our staff showing the aims of the programme. (This video was also used to launch to students in the first assembly).

We have certainly hit the floor running and Learning for Life is now in it’s 3rd week. The response from staff and pupils has been really positive and despite early teething problems everyone seems to be getting on with it well. I have a few quotes for you

  1. From a member of staff “That’s the best PSD type lesson I have ever taught (to a year 10 form)
  2. From a disengaged Y11 to her mates “ere ow many of them TRICS have you got? I’ve got 6 already” Response “ow’ve you done that then – I’ve only got 1” “ They’re gonna get me a job”

This was from people who would never have discussed any kind of rewards before! It illustrates already the kind of impact Learning for Life is having. It is our intention to continue to develop and sustain this ethos. Student Coaching return to us next month to train our sixth form students who we will become Student Champions – excellent role models for younger learners as well as people who will help to run tutorial sessions throughout the school.

From Mrs S Greenwood, Head of Key Stage

Tupton Hall School


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