22 September 2019
Topic of the Week - Multi-user
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  • A weekly on-line resource that’s perfect for tutorials; to lead assemblies; as a lesson starter, or plenary
  • Delivered using ‘prezi’: an engaging, interactive, zooming presentation format that includes videos, photographs, graphics, animations and direct links to downloadable resources
  • Learning can be through teacher guidance, or small groups of students, or individual students can take the lead. You can tour through the whole guided presentation or pause and explore particular areas of interest in more detail
  • Learners are posed questions throughout the presentation to expand and deepen learning. Each ‘Topic of the Week’ is also designed to develop the transferable skills essential for employability
  • Offers an easy to prepare, easy to use, cutting edge alternative for teaching and learning
  • One inexpensive subscription can help to promote consistent learning across your organisation

“Topic of the Week is fabulous and provided a great assembly.”  Head Teacher, Lancashire School

“Topic of the week has been an excellent resource which we have used in our College Assemblies to inform and educate our students about current events.” Senior Leader, Frank F Harrison Academy

”We use the topic of the week archive to support lessons across the whole curriculm, our students are really engaged by the content.” Senior Leader, Birmingham School

  1. Olympic Torch Relay: The Odyssey 2012
  2. Europe - Voters deliver their verdicts on austerity!
  3. The Red Cross and Red Crescent 2012
  4. Elections in France - Why does it matter to the UK?
  5. World Malaria Day - How do we Save Lives?
  6. April 2012: The Start of a Summer of Sport
  7. Easter - How is it Celebrated Around the World?
  8. Angry Birds - Creating a phenomenon!
  9. English Tourism Week - Why is Tourism so Important?
  10. Syria: A Country in Crisis
  11. World Book Day - Reading Past, Present and Future
  12. Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day Aound the World
  13. National Apprenticeship Week - Could an Apprenticeship be your future?
  14. Laura Dekker - How she became a Record Breaker!
  15. Muhammad Ali at 70 - Boxer, Poet, Entertainer and Man of Principle
  16. Justice at Last - The Stephen Lawrence Murder
  17. Annual Review 2011 - Some Highlights and Lowlights
  18. Christmas - A Journey Round the World
  19. The Autumn Budget Statement - Does it Mean Anything to You?
  20. Youth Unemployment - Can we Solve the Problem?
  21. World Television Day - 80 Years of Watching the Box
  22. Global Entrepreneurship Week
  23. Remembrance Day - A Journey Round the World
  1. Remembrance Day - A Journey Round the World
  2. Guy Fawkes - Hero or Villain 400 Years Later
  3. Steve Jobs - One Man Who Changed the World
  4. Miscarriage of Justice - Amanda Knox
  5. World Space Week - 50 Years of Human Spaceflight
  6. World Car Free Day
  7. European Day of Languages
  8. Remembering 9/11 - The Day the World Changed
  9. Summer 2011 - A World in Turmoil
  10. Greece - A Nation in Turmoil
  11. 4th July - Independence Day
  12. E. coli Outbreak in Europe
  13. Wimbledon
  14. World Environment Day
  15. World Music Day
  16. Cultural Diversity
  17. The Apprentice
  18. Amnesty at 50
  19. Crisis in Libya
  20. Japan - the aftermath
  21. Weddings and marriage
  22. The AV referendum
  23. The Red Cross and Red Crescent



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