22 September 2019
SMSC Matters - Multi-user
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  • 'Social Moral, Spiritual and Cultural’ is a free weekly interactive presentation, aimed predominantly, at secondary school learners. Topics raised could also be used with primary learners. Ideal for assemblies, tutorials or starter activities in the curriculum, requiring minimal preparation.
  • Topical issues and broad areas of interest are explored in a dynamic way which can engage learners to help develop greater understanding, knowledge and awareness of self; of moral conflict and the difference between right and wrong; rights and responsibilities as citizens and an understanding and respect for their own culture and that of others.
  • Delivered using ‘prezi’: an engaging, interactive, zooming presentation format that includes videos, photographs, graphics, animations and direct links to downloadable resources.


Definitions of SMSC education – taken and adapted from Department for Education website:



Spiritual development involves the growth of learners’ sense of self, their unique potential through trying to answer some of life's fundamental questions.

Moral development involves learners acquiring an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict; a concern for others and the will to do what is right.

Social development involves learners acquiring an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of being members of families and communities (local, national and global), and an ability to relate to others and to work with others for the common good.

Cultural development involves learners acquiring an understanding and respect for their own culture and that of others, an interest in others' ways of doing things and curiosity about differences cultural traditions.

  • It will provide learning opportunities that will help cover the UK national curriculum requirements for social, moral, spiritual and cultural education
  • Each session provides a learning focus that is competency driven providing further opportunities to record personal development
  • Offers an easy to prepare, easy to use, cutting edge alternative for teaching and learning.
  • One inexpensive subscription can help to promote consistent learning across your organisation.

"SMSC has saved me a lot of time and anxiety. The regular weekly sessions enable tutors to use topical issues to raise social, moral, spiritual and cultural questions and encourage students to develop their own reasoned thinking’ Senior Leader, Walsall School

‘SMSC has enabled me to fulfil a key part of the national curriculum requirement for PSHE and for Ofsted. I can record skill development; students can develop a greater sense of themselves and the part they can play in the world’ Senior Leader North Birmingham Academy

'SMSC topics have helped complement and reinforce the school ethos and contributed to a better understanding and relationships within the school' Deputy Headteacher  Redcar school

  1. The Olympics - Competitive Vision or Commercial Venture?
  2. Racial abuse in sport
  3. London Pride 2012
  4. Wimbledon: Mind Over Racquet
  5. World Music Day - A World of Culture
  6. World Day of Action to End Child Labour



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