22 September 2019
Achievement Booster - Multi-user
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  • 'Achievement Booster’, a free weekly interactive presentation focussing on improving the performance of school and college students
  • It aims to: improve study skills; raise learner confidence and self belief; better equip students to prepare, revise and take exams; maintain literacy and numeracy skills
  • It can also be used individually by students in school/college or at home and may even be useful for parents wishing to support the children’s achievement prospects
  • It is a package of interrelated learning materials that can be used in sequence and as separate items.
  • Topics are explored in a dynamic way to engage learners, with the ‘booster’ activities concluding the presentation
  • Delivered using ‘prezi’: an engaging, interactive, zooming presentation format that includes videos, photographs, graphics, animations and direct links to downloadable resources, such as worksheets and additional information to help deepen learning
  • Lasting around 15 minutes, Achievement Boosters, can be used in tutorials, as short revision sessions, in lessons or as support materials by mentors and parents.
  • The resources will save time and energy of staff. It will allow teachers to concentrate on the subject specific needs to achieve student success
  • The resources will complement those already being used and provide a ready-made dynamic learning alternative
  • It simply requires access to the internet and offers an easy to prepare, easy to use, cutting edge alternative for teaching and learning that will enable the students to develop their skills and boost their achievement prospects
  • It requires a minimum preparation: easy to follow instructions are available to guide the user through the ‘prezi’ presentation
  • The sessions can also be revisited in the learners’ own time.
  • One inexpensive subscription can help to promote the value and consistency for all students wishing to improve their levels of achievement


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