22 September 2019
Price:   £1,000.00   

  • Over 150 ‘Life and study skills’ resources that can be delivered as 1 hour lessons.  Presented in PowerPoint with simple, easy to follow teaching and learning notes
  • Bespoke programmes can be developed to fit your learning organisations requirements, stored in your own secure area with a calendar and links to downloadable resources
  • Programmes can provide an opportunity to cover Student Voice, PSHE, Citizenship and Enterprise curriculum
Please download 'Facing the Challenge 2' with teaching notes


  • One inexpensive subscription can help to promote consistent learning across your organisation
  • Lessons are mapped against Citizenship, PSHE, Enterprise and other whole school ‘dimensions’
  • Turn PSHE lessons into effective learning time – where ‘good’ learning habits can be developed and reinforced

“Watching pupils stand up in front of the class a deliver lessons to their peers has made all the hard work developing TRICS worthwhile.”  Senior Leader, Teeside School.

Who Am I

Ideals 1-4
Know Your Body
Know Yourself 1-5
Me and my Future
My Profile 1-2
Skills & Talents 1-2
The Visual C.V.
Values 1-2

Where do i fit in?

The Learning Journey Revisited
Induction 1-3
Marketing Me 1-2
Mindsets for Success 1-5
Moving on 1-3
Stereotypes 1-2

Where am I going?

14 - 19 Pathways 1-6
Aiming Higher 1-2
Careers of Tomorrow 1-6
Goals 1
Motivation 1
Survival Skills

Financial Survival 1-3
Health & Safety at Work
Health Camp 1-6
Homework Goals
Managing Feelings 1-2
Mastering the Internet
Money Sense 1-3
Staying Safe
The Game of Life 1-5

Brain Works

Gaining Knowledge 1-3
Know your Brain 1-6
Memory Basics 1-3
Seeking the Truth 1-4
Spy Challenge 1-4

Meeting Challenges

Being a Coach
Being a Consumer 1-3
Business Challenge 1-4
Facing the Challenge 1-5
Positive Outlook 1-5
Stress Management 1-2
Work Experience 1-2

Conflict Resolution 1-3
Follow the Leader 1-5
Sense and Sexuality 1-2
Sexual Relationships 1-6
Work Related Listening 1-2

Taking Stock

Taking Stock 1

World View

Advocacy & Representation 1-2
Championing Sustainability
Charity Factor 1-4
Citizenship Assessment
Globalisation 1-2
Improving Our Sustainability
Multi Cultural GB 1-2
Real Politics 1-6
The World of Drugs 1-5
Travel 1-3
Understanding the Law 1-5
Your Responsibility 1-4



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